Aug 5 – 16, 2024
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Past SSI

512023Artificial Intelligence in Fundamental PhysicsIndico
502022Golden Opportunities Puzzles and Surprises - Past and PresentIndico
492021The Higgs State FairIndico
482020The Almost Invisibles: Exploring the Weakly Coupled UniverseIndico
472019Menu of Flavors: Quarks, Charged Leptons and Neutrinosweb
462018Standard Model at 50: Successes and ChallengesIndico
452017Cosmic Opportunitiesweb
442016New Horizons on the Energy Frontierweb
432015Universe of Neutrinosweb
422014Shining Light on Dark Matterweb
412013Journeys through the Frontiersweb
402012The Electroweak Scale - Unravling Mysteries at the LHCweb
392011History of the Universeweb
382010Neutrinos: Nature's Mysterious Messengersweb
372009Revolutions on the Horizon: A Decade of New Experimentsweb
362008Cosmic Acceleratorsweb
352007Dark Matter: From the Cosmos to the Labweb
342006The Next Frontier: Exploring with the LHCweb
332005Gravity in the Quantum World and the Cosmosweb
322004Nature's Great Puzzlesweb
312003Cosmic Connectionsweb
302002Secrets of the B Mesonweb
292001Exploring Electroweak Symmetry Breakingweb 
282000Neutrinos: From thje Lab, the Sun and the Cosmosweb
271999CP Violation: In and Beyond the Standard Model web
261998Gravity: From the Hubble Scale to the Planck Scaleweb
251997Physics of Leptonsweb, proceedings
241996The Strong Interaction: From Hadrons to Partonsweb
231995The Top Quark and the Electroweak Interactionweb, proceesings
221994Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmologyweb
211993Spin Structure in High Energy Processesweb, proceedings
201992The Third Family and the Physics of Flavorweb, proceedings
191991Lepton-Hadron Scatteringweb, proceedings
181990Gauge Bosons and Heavy Quarksweb, proceedings
171989Physics at the 100 GeV Mass Scaleweb, proceedings
161988Probing the Weak Interaction: CP Violation and Rare Decaysweb, proceedings
151987Looking Beyond the Zweb, proceedings
141986Probing the Standard Modelweb, proceedings
131985Supersymmetryweb, proceedings
121984The Sixth Quark web
111983Dynamics and Spectroscopy at High Energy web, proceedings
101982Physics at Very High Energiesweb
91981The Strong Interactionweb, proceedings
81980The Weak Interactionweb, proceedings
71979Quantum Chromodynamicsweb, proceedings
61978Weak Interactions - Present and Futureweb, proceedings
51977Quark Spectroscopy and Hadron Dynamicsweb, proceedings
41976Weak Interactions at High Energies and the Production of New Particlesweb, proceedings
31975Deep Hadronic Structure and the New Particlesweb, proceedings
21974The Strong Interactionsweb, proceedings
11973Deep Inelastic Electroproduction Weak Currents and Interactionsweb