Test and qualification of the UDC: a 10 GSa/s, 16 channel digitizer system on a chip for fast plasma imaging applications

Mar 15, 2023, 12:35 PM
Bldg 53 / Room 1320 - Panofsky Auditorium (SLAC)

Bldg 53 / Room 1320 - Panofsky Auditorium


2575 Sand Hill Rd Menlo Park, CA USA
Oral Imaging Imaging


Isar Mostafanezhad (Nalu Scientific, LLC)


We describe the design and measurement results of the “UDC” - Ultrafast Pixel Array Camera Digitizer Chip. UDC is a 16-channel waveform digitizing microchip with large buffer length (4096 samples per channel) and high timing performance (10Gsps sampling, <10ps resolution), suitable for applications such as High-Energy Density Plasma Diagnostics. It is designed to work with a variety of fast sensors such as fast photo-diodes and fast xray detectors. We have measured relevant performance metrics such as bandwidth, linearity, power consumption, and trigger rate and will present how such specifications can enable new instruments or measurement techniques for fast imagining.

Primary authors

Isar Mostafanezhad (Nalu Scientific, LLC) Dr Luca Macchiarulo (Nalu Scientific, LLC) Mr Kenneth Lauritzen (Nalu Scientific, LLC) Mr Kahiwa Hoe (Nalu Scientific, LLC) Dr Kevin Flood (Nalu Scientific, LLC) Mr John Stahoviak (Nalu Scientific, LLC) Mr Marcus Luck (Nalu Scientific, LLC)

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