RDC4 Kick-off Meeting

Angelo Dragone (SLAC), Mitch Newcomer (U. Penn)

Kick-off meeting of the RDC4 working group and CPAD planning


    • 9:00 AM 9:20 AM
      Discussion on RDC4 roles and coordination with other RD efforts (DRD7) 20m

      Report on ECFAs DRD7 kickoff meeting thrusts and Research Initiatives.

      Speakers: Angelo Dragone (SLAC), Mitch Newcomer (University of Pennsylvania)
    • 9:20 AM 10:30 AM
      Planning RDC4 sessions at CPAD: submitted abstracts and today's presentations 1h 10m
      • DC-DC conversion using new materials and architectures 5m
        Speaker: Adrian Nikolica (UPenn)
      • AC-LGAD Readout using SiGe BiCMOS technology / Waveform readout of fast semiconductor timing detectors 5m
        Speaker: Matthew Gignac (UC Santa Cruz)
      • Overview of FNAL activities and topics for collaboration 20m
        Speaker: Farah Fahim (Fermilab)
      • SLAC R&D and opportunities for collaborations 20m
        Speakers: Aldo Pena Perez (SLAC), Bojan Markovic (SLAC), Chao Liu (SLAC), Hyunjoon Kim (SLAC), Julia Gonski (SLAC), Julie Segal (SLAC), Larry Ruckman (SLAC), Lorenzo Rota (SLAC), Ryan Herbst (SLAC)
      • 28nm 4D Pixel detector readout chip aiming at operation at HL-LHC 5m
        Speaker: Timon Heim