Aug 7 – 18, 2023
America/Los_Angeles timezone


Poster No. 4. 

"Machine-enhanced CP-asymmetries in the electroweak sector" by Noah Clarke Hall.


Poster No. 5. 

"Neural network applications for the ALICE TPC detector in Run 3 of LHC" by Christian Sonnabend. 


Poster No. 6. 

"Boosted Higgs boson Tagging with Graph Neural Networks with the ATLAS Detector" by Jackson Barr.


Poster No. 7. 

"Higgs bosons with large couplings to up-type quarks" by Artemis Sofia Giannakopoulou.


Poster No. 8.

"Search for new phenomena in two-body invariant mass distributions using unsupervised machine learning for anomaly detection at √s=13 TeV with the ATLAS detector" by Wasikul Islam.


Poster No. 9. 

"Probing for a MeV-scale Scalar Boson in Association with a TeV-scale Vector-like Quark in the $U(1)_{T3R}$ BSM Extension at the Large Hadron Collider through $gg$ and $q\overline{q}$ Fusion using Machine Learning" by Umar Sohail Quresdhi.


Poster No. 10.

"Inverse galaxy-galaxy lensing: Magnification, intrinsic alignments and cosmology" by Dane Cross.


Poster No. 11. 

"Study of the $\Lambda_b^0 \rightarrow D^0pK^−$ decay for a future measurement of CKM angle $\gamma$" by Chiara Mancuso.


Poster No. 12. 

"The high-speed optical-to-electrical conversion system for the readout of the ATLAS ITk Pixel detector" by Daniele Dal Santo.


Poster No. 13.

"Linearized Optimal Transport for Jet Physics and Beyond" by Tianji Cai.


Poster No. 14.

"Pile-up study at IWCD with Machine Learning techniques" by Annalisa De Lorenzis.


Poster No. 15.

"Low-frequency noise classification for the SuperCDMS experiment using Machine Learning" by Sukeerthi Dhahrani.


Poster No. 16.

"Constituent-Based Top-Quark Tagging with the ATLAS Detector" by Kevin Greif.


Poster No. 17.

"Search for K0S(L) -> 4mu decays at the LHCb experiment" by Miguel Fernandez Gomez.


Poster No. 18.

"Longitudinal Beam Diagnostics and Phase Space Reconstruction in the LHC Using ML" by Konstantinos Iliakis. 


Poster No. 19.

"Instrumental backgrounds in searches with leptons at LHC: application to Higgs searches with ATLAS experiment" by Océane Perrin.


Poster No. 20.

"Anomaly detection with normalising flows in multilepton final states at the ATLAS detector" by Jack Harrison. 


Poster No. 21.

"Improved information criteria for Bayesian model averaging in lattice field theory" by Jake Sitison.


Poster No. 22.

"Self-Supervised Learning for Jet Tagging" by Zihan Zhao.


Poster No. 23.

"Rejecting Spallation Backgrounds in KamLAND-Zen with KamNet" by Hasung Song.


Poster No. 24.

"A solution to the strong CP problem in extended Pati-Salam framework" by Sumit Biswas.


Poster No. 25.

"Differentiable simulation of the DUNE near detector liquid argon time projection chamber" by Yifan Chen.


Poster No. 26.

"Type Ia Supernova Cosmology with Photometric Redshifts" by Rebecca Chan.


Poster No. 27.

"Evidence of pair-production of longitudinally polarised vector bosons and study of CP properties in $ZZ \to 4\ell$ events with the ATLAS detector at $\sqrt{s} = 13$~TeV" by Prajita Bhattarai.


Poster No. 28.

"Energy Reconstruction with Autoencoders for Dual-Phase Time Projection Chambers" by Ivy Li.


Poster No. 29.

"MADderHAT: Weighting the Model-Agnostic Dark Halo Analysis Tool" by Zachary Carter.


Poster No. 30.

"Upgrades to CMS Cathode Strip Chambers electronics with a focus on ODMB7/5s" by Mohd Meraj Hussain.


Poster No. 31.

"Dynamics of axion-neutral pseudoscalar mixing" by Shuyang Cao. 


Poster No. 32.

"ATLAS Liquid Argon Calorimeter Front-end electronics Phase-2 upgrade" by Elena Mazzeo