3rd New Physics Opportunities at Neutrino Facilities Workshop: Astrophysical Neutrinos

Opened May 16, 2023
Closed Feb 27, 2024
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Thank you for your interest in NPN2023. The deadline to book a room at the Guest House has now passed. Internal SLAC participants, and external participants able to arrange for accommodations on their own, are still welcome to register.

The registration process involves the following three steps:
(i) fill out your INDICO information below;
(ii) pay the registration fee as described below;
(iii) fill out the SLAC access form (if applicable).

The registration fee is $159. Both external and SLAC participants are required to pay it to participate.

External participants should pay by credit card, by following this link.

Those who do not already have a SLAC badge need to fill out the SLAC access form. Follow the instructions here. Choose NPN2023 in the list of conferences.

Internal SLAC participants can pay the registration fee with a credit card by following this link. If you are using STAP funds, you can get reimbursed through Concur (using the "STAP" option there). Alternatively, you can charge directly to your STAP funds by filling out this form and working with your group admin to process it.

Your registration is NOT complete until the payment and the site access form (if applicable) are received.

Registration is closed
The registration period has passed.