November 1, 2022
America/Los_Angeles timezone

Innovations in trigger and data acquisition systems for next-generation physics facilities

A Snowmass 2022 White Paper


Trigger and Data AcQuisition (TDAQ) systems form a critical interface between detector instrumentation and computing systems at current and future physics facilities, and are comprised of a wide range and variety of devices. Capabilities and performance of the TDAQ systems deployed by experiments at these facilities have a direct impact on the amount and quality of the data and the physics that can be extracted from them. Innovative solutions to the challenges that these systems will face are essential to perform discovery science far into the future. Three categories of challenges are identified and discussed as being priorities for current and future research and development for TDAQ systems:

  • Future TDAQ systems will have to leverage currently existing and available hardware, firmware, and software in new ways.
  • TDAQ developers will have to find ways to adopt and incorporate the unique technical requirements of physics facilities into new hardware concepts.
  • The TDAQ community must ensure that the people, knowledge, and experience required to build, commission, and operate new TDAQ systems are fully supported and retained in the field.

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