FPD Seminar

Dark Sectors at SLAC: Running HPS in 2021 and Beyond – Cameron Bravo ( SLAC)

by Cameron Bravo (SLAC)

virtual (SLAC)



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The SLAC Dark Sectors group has been recently focusing on upgrades, maintenance, and operations of the HPS experiment. Our main responsibility has been for the Silicon Vertex Tracker (SVT) sub-system of the apparatus. New slim edge sensors have been produced in collaboration with UCSC and CNM in Spain. This upgrade to the system was successfully installed and used for the first HPS physics run in 2019. During the 2019 physics run, the SVT was damaged while tuning to achieve physics quality beam. A large portion of the electronics were rebuilt in preparation for the 2021 HPS physics run. This recent physics run of the experiment finished successfully at the beginning of November. This talk will focus on what HPS learned in 2019 and how these lessons led to a more successful run this year. I will also discuss the LDMX experiment, a new experiment the Dark Sectors group is proposing to build in End Station A for general sensitivity to invisible decays at the MeV-GeV scale.
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