FPD Seminar

A new paradigm for axion discovery: From broadband direct detection to collider interpretations

by David Miller (University of Chicago)

48/2-224 - Madrone (SLAC)

48/2-224 - Madrone



I will describe a comprehensive physics program to discover axions and axion-like particles, their supersymmetric counter-parts, and even dark photons using both direct detection approaches and collider experiments. In particular, I will describe the BREAD experiment, which is a novel dish antenna design led by Fermilab and UChicago for detecting broadband ~ueV-eV axion and wave-like dark matter. I will discuss the motivation for this new detector design, present results from our prototype dark photon experiment, and discuss the ongoing and planned axion experiments for two distinct frequency ranges - GigaBREAD and InfraBREAD - with expected sensitivities to unexplored coupling strengths. I will also describe our R&D program for reflector characterization, horn antenna & sensor testing, and signal readout. Lastly, time permitting, I will describe new phenomenological considerations and experimental approached for axion and axino -- the supersymmetric axion counterpart -- searches at colliders.


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