Recon/Analysis Weekly Meeting

84/2-B259 - Group C Conference Room (SLAC)

84/2-B259 - Group C Conference Room


Cameron Bravo (SLAC), Mathew Graham (SLAC), Pierfrancesco Butti (SLAC)
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      Update on iDM sensitivity for 2016 data
      Speaker: Tom Eichlersmith (UMN)
      • tanLambda of conv vtx to separate bkgd from signal?
        • invM?
        • Opening angle at vertex
        • delta(tanLambda)
        • z0/tanLambda
        • Point to target
      • Need to quantify number of signal events so that we can see if S/sqrt(B) is high enough to do a selection.
        • Just use a "selection" z cut to get a S and then we can compare that to B with the same selection.
      • We want "a number" to make a decision
      • How to select against the background? What selections could reduce background without reducing the signal efficiency further?
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      2016 SIMP 10% Reach Estimate - Zcut Update
      Speaker: Alic Spellman (SLAC)