FPD Seminar

21 cm and Physics from the Far Side of the Moon – Kaja Rotermund (LBNL)

48/2-224 - Madrone (SLAC)

48/2-224 - Madrone



The "Dark Ages" refers to the cosmic era between the last scattering of the cosmic microwave background and “Cosmic Dawn,” the time when the first stars and galaxies formed. Only cold, non-luminous hydrogen gas existed during the Dark Ages, which emits at 21 cm (f = 1420 MHz). Through the expansion of the universe, this signal has been redshifted to low radio frequencies that are inaccessible from earth due to distortions of our ionosphere and significant terrestrial radio-frequency interference. This era is therefore largely unexplored and remains one of the least constrained frontiers of modern cosmology. LuSEE-Night is a project that aims to make sensitive measurements across two decades in frequency space from the radio-quiet far side of the moon. In doing so, LuSEE-Night will determine the feasibility of conducting radio-frequency astronomy from the lunar surface and acts as a pathfinder for larger missions in the future.


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