FPD Seminar

Probing Electroweak Gauge Structure of the Standard Model in ATLAS with two Z bosons – Prajita Bhattarai (Brandeis University)

51/3-305 - Kavli 3rd Floor (SLAC)

51/3-305 - Kavli 3rd Floor



Multi-boson production is sensitive to vector boson scattering involving triple gauge-boson self-couplings (TGC) and quartic gauge-boson self-couplings (QGC). The production rate of such scattering at high energies is regularized precisely by processes including the SM Higgs and di-boson coupling (HVV). Processes sensitive to the quartic coupling have only become experimentally accessible with the LHC Run-2 dataset and are highly sensitive to new physics. In this seminar, ATLAS measurement of the electroweak di-Z-boson production in association with two jets (ZZjj) is discussed. Precise differential cross-section measurements are interpreted using an Effective Field Theory approach to probe the electroweak gauge structure of the Standard Model.

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Organized by

Federico Bianchini, Yifan Chen
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