FPD Seminar

Cosmology with Large-Scale CMB Polarization – Cyndia Yu (Stanford University)

51/3-305 - Kavli 3rd Floor (SLAC)

51/3-305 - Kavli 3rd Floor



The cosmic microwave background (CMB) has been key to building and validating our current Standard Model of Cosmology. As information from CMB temperature becomes limited by cosmic variance, polarization data is increasingly key to breaking degeneracies and probing new physics. The large angular scale polarization features in particular are a sensitive probe of cosmic inflation, giving us hints of unification-scale physics, as well as other beyond Standard Model phenomena. I will discuss the constraints obtained by current experiments as well as efforts to build next-generation observatories, which will deploy over an order of magnitude more polarization-sensitive detectors to enable ever more sensitive measurements.


Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://stanford.zoom.us/j/98973156241?pwd=cEU5RFdlVXoyc0JTeTlDMkozKzQ5UT09

Organized by

Federico Bianchini, Yifan Chen
(fbianc@slac, yifanch@stanford)