FPD Seminar

Searching for Higgs compositeness with the ATLAS Experiment at the LHC – Tal van Daalen (University of Washington)

48/2-224 - Madrone (SLAC)

48/2-224 - Madrone



Ten years after the discovery of the Higgs boson, we still lack a satisfying explanation for why its observed mass is so much smaller than expected from Standard Model (SM) physics alone. This so-called hierarchy problem is one if the most pressing issues facing the SM today. One class of theories capable of reconciling the hierarchy problem is provided by Composite Higgs models, which postulate that the Higgs boson is in fact a composite state of a new strongly-interacting sector. In this talk I will introduce the theory and collider phenomenology of Composite Higgs models, and give an overview of the search for vector-like quarks with the ATLAS Experiment. These heavy partners of SM quarks appear in Composite Higgs models and other theories beyond the SM, and can have a rich production and decay phenomenology, requiring an extensive search program to cover all bases.

– This event will be in person 

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